Sermon Preacher Date
Ending Up in a Hole John Cooper 21/11/2021
Gratitude Geoff Thomas 14/11/2021
Heart Condition Chris Daramola 01/11/2021
A Godly Perspective Mark Davison 17/10/2021
To Encourage Personal Responsibility Benny Tabalujan 10/10/2021
To Give Hope for the Future Benny Tabalujan 10/10/2021
A Lesson from Jacob Chris Daramola 03/10/2021
You Just Don't Know the Value John Cooper 19/09/2021
Nothing Hidden from God Geoff Thomas 12/09/2021
Patience Ekong Ekong 05/09/2021
Consider Your God Mark Davison 21/08/2021
Jonah in Ninevah John Cooper 01/08/2021
Compassion - Response to Suffering Ekong Ekong 25/07/2021
Stepping Toward the Hard and Broken David Payne 25/08/2019
Christianity and World View David Payne 26/05/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 12 David Payne 19/05/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 11 David Payne 12/05/2019
Crucifixion of Jesus David Payne 21/04/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 10 David Payne 21/04/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 9 David Payne 14/04/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 8 David Payne 07/04/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 7 David Payne 31/03/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 6 David Payne 10/03/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 5 David Payne 03/03/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 4 David Payne 24/02/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 3 David Payne 17/02/2019
Book of Daniel Lessson 2 David Payne 10/02/2019
Jesus Sets Us Free to Embrace Other Steve Wilson 11/10/2018
Jesus Sets Us Free to Embrace Love Steve Wilson 12/10/2018
Jesus Sets Us Free to Embrace Faith Steve Wilson 13/10/2018
Jesus Sets Us Free to Embrace Hope Steve Wilson 14/10/2018
Jesus Sets Us Free to Embrace Forgiveness Steve Wilson 14/10/2018
A Life of Service Peter Tickner 5/10/2017
A Life Telling the Greatest Story Peter Tickner 6/10/2017
An Exemplary Life Peter Tickner 7/10/2017
A Prayer-filled Life Peter Tickner 8/10/2017
A Sacrificial Life Peter Tickner 8/10/2017
The Significance of the Old Testament Ken Craig 6/10/2016
The Significance of the Christ Ken Craig 7/10/2016
Four Testimonies to the Gospel Ken Craig 8/10/2016
The Sacrifial System Ken Craig 9/10/2016
The Importance of Relationship Ken Craig 9/10/2016
Is There More To Life Than This? Les Totman 8/10/2015
Does Eternal Life Exist? Les Totman 9/10/2015
Is Eternity Relevant For Today? Les Totman 10/10/2015
What Are Our Eternal Options? Les Totman 11/10/2015
How Can We Plan For Eternity? Les Totman 11/10/2015
Discovering a Quality Greater than Gold Benny Tabalujan 9/10/2014
Exploring the Secrets to True Wealth Benny Tabalujan 10/10/2014
Keys to Meeting Your Needs Benny Tabalujan 11/10/2014
Maximizing What You Already Possess Benny Tabalujan 12/10/2014
The Ultimate Reward Benny Tabalujan 12/10/2014
Can Broken Homes be Rebuilt? Ian Coker 10/10/2013
How to Grow a Lasting Marriage Ian Coker 11/10/2013
Keys to Successful Parenting Ian Coker 12/10/2013
How to Navigate the Teenage Years Ian Coker 13/10/2013
How to Build a Strong Family Ian Coker 13/10/2013
What is Truth? Peter Tickner 11/10/2012
Do Miracles Indicate Something Greater? Peter Tickner 12/10/2012
Is Life More Than Existing? Peter Tickner 13/10/2012
Did God Become Human? Peter Tickner 14/10/2012
Has Death Been Defeated? Peter Tickner 14/10/2012
Was the Church God’s Plan From the Beginning? Ted Paul 04/11/2010
Jesus’ Teaching About the Church Philip Dow 05/11/2010
The Beginning of the Church Graeme Offer 06/11/2010
The Church at Heidelberg West Ted Paull 07/11/2010
Why Be Involved With the Church At All? Steve Burgin 07/11/2010